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Troop 79 does a “Freeze-out” at the Dunes

While March is supposed to go out like a lamb, frosty temps and bitter winds made us question what we were thinking camping out at the Indiana Dunes in this weather.

Gathering on Michigan Ave, the guys headed downstairs and boarded the South Shore train for the park. Arriving at Dune Park station, the Scouts hoisted their packs and headed out for the mile hike to camp. Thankfully the overnight rain had quit.

Camp was damp. “No running amok in the muck!” and several other rules were decreed at a briefing from Mr. Keats. After setting up tents on the little dry ground they could find, the guys headed out for a hike to the nearby nature center. And then on to the dunes! Cold and windy was the forecast for the day.

A blazing fire welcomed the guys back at camp. Time to start dinner before the sun went down and the cold really settled in.

The guys also had some fun with nighttime photography. Thanks to the Scout with the light-up frisbee for the multi-color long exposures.

Morning came, and with temps in the mid-20’s, another fire was definitely in order. The guys worked swiftly to break down camp after an easy breakfast before heading back to the train.

See you again, Indiana Dunes, maybe when it’s a little warmer!

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[PHOTOS] Dunes camping @Edward Boyle and @boylesfour

Troop 79 at the District First Aid Meet, St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Congrats to the two competing T-79 patrols Cobra and Cracked Bell. Everyone had fun with the other troops, learned more First Aid, and had lunch. A big thanks to Troop 973 of St. Andrews for hosting the Founders District First Aid Meet. Both T-79 patrols won the stretcher races outright – no doubt.

As for the results, T-79 took 3rd and 4th places. The 1st and 2nd places were resolved with a tie-breaker. T-79 was only 6 points out of 500 behind the two teams who tied for 1st. T-79 was prepared and our teams did their best! Thank you troop parents Sheila and Lisa for staying to help judge and Mr. Larson for moral support.

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[PHOTO] District First Aid Meet @Dave Keats

Troop 79 Eagle projects and Council recognition

Late last year a call went out to the Scouts of the Chicago area and beyond: Bring us your best Eagle projects for consideration in a national competition. One of those efforts submitted was the work of our very own Michael Y. And he won!

His Eagle Project was selected as THE one and only PTAC Top Eagle Project 2018! Next his project goes to the Regional level and perhaps on to National. Last weekend, while the rest of the troop was roughing it at camp, Michael and Jake N., among other recent Eagle Scouts from the region, were recognized at a special dinner in their honor. Can you find them in the photo? (Hint: upper left)

In other news from a Scout hot on the trail to Eagle, Matthew N. wanted to thank all the Scouts who helped him with a project to benefit his high school. “The project is for the Lane Tech band. The band currently has no record of our music. We will be doing a few things. First, we will be clearing out a storage room and cleaning and painting the walls. There are a bunch of file cabinets that we will be getting rid of that are full of scores. We will be transferring these scores to bins and building shelving in the room. We will also be cataloging the scores in the file cabinets, as well as scores in two other locations. Unlike most scouting events, this is one where your phone will not only be allowed but required for cataloging!”


Eagle recognition @dnitzsche

Lane Tech filing @mnelsen

Troop 79 leaps into winter camping

Great turnout for a wintry weekend in the southwest suburbs at Camp Bullfrog Lake! Thankful for three heated cabins courtesy of the Cook County Forest Preserve. The guys got to work picking up trash that had been tossed by the resident raccoons and then went right onto the ice to play.

The first hike of the day was to the site of a formerly top secret Manhattan Project facility in the woods nearby. More of the story here. Now deemed completely safe for recreation, according to the Dept. of Energy. The icy trails, however, were another matter entirely. Lots of slipping and sliding.

Back at camp, the high schoolers polished up their card playing skills and the middle schoolers relaxed. Meanwhile, ASPL Colin led the newest Scouts on a 5 mile map & compass hike to the Little Red Schoolhouse nature center.

The guys earned a hearty pizza dinner, followed by peach cobbler around a roaring fire. The cabins were a welcome respite from the cold before turning in for the night.

Temps had dropped into the low 20’s overnight, making a fire essential for preparing a hearty patrol breakfast the next morning. While spring is definitely not yet in the air, with a roof overhead there’s no reason to postpone outdoor fun! Thanks to the PLC for coming up with the idea.

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[PHOTOS] Troop 79 winter camping @boylesfour

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