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Two Scooter Riders and One Prepared Scouter

My favorite section in Boys Life magazine as a teen was “Scouts in Action”. Sure, the corny jokes are great, but the idea that with a little training and a cool head you could save someone’s life? Well, that was pretty impressive.

Fast forward a few decades. Last week I was traveling with Mrs. Boyle to the west coast for some sightseeing. We had pointed our rental car up the steep drive to LA’s Griffith Observatory to catch the sunset over Tinseltown.

About halfway up, two young men on rental scooters came zipping around a corner. The first guy hit a pothole and fell. The second tried to avoid his buddy but also wrecked. So here are two people lying in the road, clearly hurt. What does one do?

If you’re prepared, you safely pull your vehicle out of traffic, grab your first aid kit and go help! As the two dazed riders stood up, I walked over and introduced myself, letting them know I was trained in first aid. Making sure we were all out of harm’s way, I did a quick triage and was relieved that neither one was badly injured.

I kept up a constant stream of chatter as I cleaned and bandaged abrasions, wrapped a sprained wrist and kept watch for signs of shock. A few minutes later they were on their way (walking!) to return the scooters.

Thankfully this wasn’t a case of life or death. But I can assure you these two guys were super appreciative to have someone show up with the right supplies and the knowledge to use them.

[PHOTO] First aid in Griffith Park @amyboylephoto

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