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Troop 79 conquers the “Klondike Challenge”

For the first time since 2015, the Chicago area had enough snow for a proper Klondike Derby! The temps in the mid-30’s were a welcome reprieve from the past week’s bitter cold of -20. Welcome to Camp Reinberg in Palatine!

Thanks to the leadership of Chicago’s Troop 626, the Scouts were treated to a series of events geared for winter. But first, several events were held inside the park’s main building – the guys did really well at the knuckle crawl and high kick.

Back outside, pushing the carefully assembled sleds, fire building, doing two different kinds of rescue carries, spear throwing, “caber tossing” and getting the patrol across an imaginary electric fence tested the Scouts’ team building and cold weather skills.

In the end, the Cracked Bell patrol came in second place in a crowded field of eleven. Nice work, guys! Thanks to Mr. Keats for making the connections with Troop 626 to attend, and to our adult drivers.

[PHOTOS] Klondike Derby @Smile Earthlings

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