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Troop 79 cools off on a hot weekend at Kayak Morris

What’s better than spending one of the warmest weekends in September camping?  How about also taking a few hours to paddle the surprisingly beautiful Illinois River?

Better known for barges carrying bulk cargo, the waterway served up an adventurous paddle for the Scouts.  Much feathered wildlife was encountered along both the bustling main river as well as in a tranquil slough nearby.

Afterwards, the Scouts beached their watercraft at a comfortable riverside campground courtesy of Kayak Morris.  Besides the usual camp life, the Scouts participated in cheerful service, volunteering to clean up litter along the historic I&M Canal.  The evening was capped off with delicious camp food and a hysterical game of late night charades, while watching canal boat searchlights probe the river banks as they carefully made their way to their next port.

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[PHOTO] Kayak Morris @boylesfour

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