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Supporting our Chartered Organization

In case you were curious, the “Chartered Organization” conducts the Scouting program through its charter from the Boy Scouts of America.  In the case of Troop 79, we’re fortunate to have the Old Town Triangle Association as our chartered organization.  The Troop and our leaders therefore belong to the OTTA and are part of its “family.”



Q: Which of the below does the Chartered Organization do for the Troop?

  1. They provide the Troop a place to meet
  2. They help fund the Troop’s operating expenses
  3. They suggest activities that could benefit the OTTA and the neighborhood

A: All of the above!

And what does the Troop do in return?  Why of course, we provide cheerful service!  The most obvious example is supporting the annual Old Town Art Fair.  Over the course of four days, the Troop’s Scouts, parents and friends contributed over 350 person-hours of their time to the event.  Despite a couple rainy mornings, the crews setup tents, tables, chairs & stocked the entry booths.  Volunteers were also on hand during the event, as well as helped tear down afterwards.  And for the first time, the Troop also provided assistance for the memorable volunteer appreciation dinner.

Thank you, OTTA!  And thanks also to Mr. Martorina and Mr. Keats for herding the cats.

Member of our Google Group?  Click here for more photos.
[PHOTO] OTTA volunteers @Jill Wachholz

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