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Summer 2020 is just around the corner

Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration…  But still, one can dream.

Found yourself up a creek in the Boundary Waters at Northern Tier without a paddle in 2018?  Or maybe you’ll miss the boat to Sea Base St. Thomas in 2019?  Well, then perhaps it’s time to consider the wifi-free high adventure of Philmont in 2020.

Troop 79 has scored two crew spots for July 17 – 31, 2020.  Plenty of time to get fit, ’cause it’s no joke.  Ready to haul around a backpack on foot for 50-75 miles?  How about loading it with 30 lbs+ of food, water & gear?  Then tilt the landscape up to over 12,000 feet?  Now we’re talking! 

In addition to ten full days camping and cooking in some of the most beautiful backcountry imaginable, other possible highlights are:

  • Climbing 12,441 foot Mt. Baldy
  • Horseback riding
  • Rock climbing / rapelling
  • Learning about indigenous cultures
  • Assisting in conservation projects
  • Experiencing an old west chuck wagon dinner
    and much more!!

Interested?  Well, you’ve gotta be registered with the BSA, meet Philmont height & weight guidelines and be at least 14 years old by July 17, 2020.  Several adult advisors will also be needed, with special training requirements that must be met.  Cost is still to be determined, but expect to spend about $1,750 per attendee.  Signup will open in late spring 2019 for active members of the Troop.

[PHOTO] Troop 79 Crew 723-C1 @Philmont

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