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2019’s “Eagle X” (minus 1) Reunited


Regular followers of Troop 79 legend will remember the ten Scouts that graduated high school last year. They left us with many shared stories, all having achieved the rank of Eagle. Not content to leave all that in the past, 9/10 of the class got together this past weekend to camp! As reported by Edward Boyle.

”COVID 19 has put a major halt on most plans, and for many of us college students, that has created large amounts of uncertainty. Last year, a few Troop 79 alumni planned a camp out for a weekend at the Indiana Dunes. This year, that group, AKA Eagle X, pulled together and planned a social distant outdoor event.


This plan to camp at Warren Dunes came to be through the dedication of a few homebound graduated Eagle Scouts. With the aid of online communication and expert planning skills, the group came together to enjoy a lovely weekend in the outdoors. Supplied with enough firewood, hope, and taco fixings, we were ready.


We soon realized our socially deprived selves were in for a treat. We got to our campsite without a hitch (except circling for a bit), and kicked our camp set-up skills into gear. Soon after many attempts to pitch a house-sized tent finally resulted in success, we hit the trail and took a familiar walk through the sandy forest.


Keeping a friendly distance on trail, we meandered among the lush greens and fallen trees. After a quick ascent up the dark side of the dune, we emerged atop the sandy and sunny scene. Wildflowers, grasses, and beach-loving trees filled our periphery, with “a big puddle” on the downslope side. Our march continued till we hit the lake, and there we spent our afternoon.


Once the realization kicked in we needed to make dinner, we gathered our reluctant selves to get back to base and begin the prep for a delicious meal. Armed with a bag of taco seasoning, 4 pounds of chicken, a few tomatoes, 5 limes, a jalapeno, yellow onion, 60 corn tortillas, and some mysterious vegetarian supplement, we produced a meal to feed an army. For the remainder of the evening, we shared laughter and familiar songs from Owasippe around a bright fire.


All in all, I have to thank those involved in the smart planning that made this possible, and the followthrough of us Eagles to reconnect safely. Despite the hardships we all have been facing, the “bonds of friendship seal our loyalty” forever. So here’s a big thank you to the Troop that brought us all together in the first place, allowing us to build these lifelong friendships and memories.”

[PHOTOS] Dunes camping @W Gardner, @E Boyle

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